Light Table a year ago

A year ago today I put up the original blog post for Light Table. It was just a simple video of a prototype I made in less than a week while I was visiting my grandparents without internet - at the time we had no idea what it would become. To be honest, I thought some would think it was neat, but then it would fade away like most “neat” things on the internet.

It’s been a wild ride this past year, from the kickstarter to joining YCombinator to experimental releases and everything in between. One thing, however, has remained constant through all the ups and downs; you guys. The enthusiasm, the hope for something new and better, the willingness to bear with us as we try things that don’t work or that aren’t quite ready yet. Ultimately, Light Table is a project for and of the community and for that I can’t thank you enough. There have certainly been times where I don’t think we would’ve made it without your support.

A couple days ago, we put out a survey to gather some more information about what people think about the latest release and what they’re most excited to see next. Once again, you guys showed us how amazing of a community you are and we got over 1100 responses in under 24 hours. Over the past couple days Robert and I have been going over what you guys said and we’re happy to say that we were moving in the right general direction already and we’re using that feedback to hone our plans. As a matter of fact, two of the biggest things people wanted to see are coming in the next release - Python eval and deeper JS integration - as well as a host of other things that were mentioned. This next release is slated before the end of april and it’s going to be a big one with some surprises that I think you’ll love.

Thank you again for being a part of this project and for believing in two crazy guys who set out to change 40 years of tradition… We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Light Table 0.4.0 Teaser

~ April 12, 2013