An orange glow

I’m happy to announce that as of yesterday Light Table has joined a host of amazing startups for the Summer 2012 batch of YCombinator. Under the guidance of YC we believe we have the best possible chance to not just make Light Table a reality, but to help craft a new future for the way we create software.

Light Table is a bit more orange

This does, however, mean that circumstances have changed. We rallied together as a community to ensure that this project had a future. While being a part of YC doesn’t affect our plans or change our use of Kickstarter as a means of accelerating the release of Light Table, many pledged with the explicit purpose of making sure that it had a chance. With YC that chance is now safe and we wanted to let our supporters know there will be no hard feelings if this changes your desire to pledge. We want to thank you all the same for being a part of the push that has gotten us this far. In the end, the important part is that we were able to come together around this ideal and now we can work to make it a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has helped get us here and I look forward to showing you some of the work we’ve been doing in the next few days.

~ May 17, 2012